What We Do

We are ready to realize complex projects or participate in selected development phases according to customer requirements. Our huge advantage is sharing of know-how between individual teams and its use in different sectors.


Engineering Office

Our team of avionics engineers continues in the long tradition of aviation industry in the Czech Republic and guarantees the highest quality. We worked on many projects for Czech and foreign clients.

NST provides services in following fields:

General aviation (GA)
Unmaned aerial systems (UAS)
Special and military vehicles
General engineering
Testing lab GA/UAS

Our goal is to provide effective and complex development services. Beginning with the draft according to the desired parametres, styling and ergonomics evaluation. The design draft is processed in a 3D environment, resulting in 3D models and complete production documentation. Strength analyses, aerodynamic simulations as well as calculations are carried out. Our technology department takes part in the production initiation, followed by testing in our testing lab. Our customers are also provided with data management in the PLM system.

General Aviation (GA)

Our team of avionics engineers continues in the long tradition of aviation industry in the Czech Republic and guarantees the highest quality. Here are some of the projects we worked on:

L-410 NG
EV-97 EuroStar & SportStar
EPOS – the first ultralight aviation with an electric motor
VUT100 Cobra
EV-55 Outback
Boeing B 747 - 8
Design study of Stilleto
Layout of the cockpit of a light aircraft

Aircraft development is a complex process that includes many specializes. Successful development requires innovative approach at all phases, from initial design to prototype production.

Our specialization is in an airframe development from traditional metal and composite materials, systems development such as controls, fuel systems or hydraulics.  

We also deal with avionics and electronics installations, cabling and cable harnesses.

We provide design and manufacture of production, assembly and inspection fixtures including their installation at the customer's site.

We are competent to develop aircraft brakes and wheels. We benefit from our knowledge of building regulations (e. g. CS-23, VLA, UL, LSA).

Turboprop drive unit installation
Design draft of a light aircraft cockpit
Fuel and calibration caddy  NST-DN1600TC

Special & Military Vehicles

We get design drafts according to special requirements of the customers off the ground. We rely on our experienced engineers and we are able to offer modernization and complex development of a new vehicle, including the application of the latest technology and Hi-Tech materials.

We deal with partial assigments
of units – components (bodywork, hydraulic systems, chassis parts, drives etc.) or complete vehicle conversions with integration of new control, utility systems and power units.

Amphibious tracked rescue vehicle
Illustration of the implementation of a complex design solution

We are able to help you with:

Construction / Calculations
Production documentation creation
Prototype production
Prototype tests
Approval process
Serial production


Discover KALAN - an amphibious tracked vehicle

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General Engineering

Our team develops and designs various of engineering structures (welded, riveted, composite units), assembly and production fixtures (welded, pressing, test fixtures) and other special devices.

A welding jig detail
An example of a jig realization

We manage the project from scratch - draft, 3D models, we create complete technical and production documentation. We are able to realize production of prototypes or mass production according to requirements of our customer.

Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS)

Our specialization in an airframe development and composite materials application is crutial when it comes to advanced unmanned aircraft design.

We design complete unmanned aircraft systems, according to customer specifications, making effective use of experience from our own development projects.

We also offer extensive experience in the selection, integration and operation of electric propulsion units, for a wide range of UAV sizes.

UAV system Cantas AP
UAV system Tara

We also focus on aerodynamic design optimization of unconventional aircraft concepts.

For all realized UAV projects, we use identical computational, simulation and design tools  as we do in designs for General Aviation aircraft.

Testing Lab GA/UAS

The NST test lab team consist of professionals with experience in civil aviation testing. We deal with tests to verify the structural strength and functionality of the various systems of the aircraft. Our test lab carries out the entire process from preparing the aircraft before the test, conducting the test, evaluating and preparing the final report. We also perform flight tests and of course the evaluation of measured data.

We specialize in the field of civil aviation testing and UAV category. Our clients can expect:

Measuring specification support
Selection of sensors and method of measuring of specified quantities
Selection of suitable measuring devices
Development of test methodologies
Installation of measuring equipment and sensors
Conducting and evaluation of the measuring
Final report
Full control

The Newest Software

We work with a range of the newest CAD and FEME software. Thanks to that, we are highly efficient when participain the development process. The data management in carried out in advanced PLM systems such as Autodesk Vault.

DS Catia V5 a V6
DS Enovia
NX Siemens
PTC Creo s Windchill


We are here to help you with your unique project!

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